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Wednesday, 15 July 2009 - Low carbon way 'to reshape lives'
Ambitious plans to generate one third of UK electricity from renewables by 2020 form the centrepiece of government plans for a low carbon future.

Monday, 6 July 2009 - Home energy saving pays its way
Despite almost universal awareness of the threat posed by climate change, households are still left feeling powerless to act, says Paul King.

Thursday, 11 June 2009 - Government 'must back insulation'
The winner of a clean energy prize says government must show much greater urgency in insulating people's homes.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009 - Thinking smart on energy savings
Smart meters will play a central role in delivering an energy infrastructure fit for the 21st Century, says Stephen Cunningham.

Thursday, 16 April 2009 - Make Budget greener, say Tories
The Conservatives have called for a "green revolution" in next week's Budget, including help with home insulation and carbon capture schemes.

Monday, 13 April 2009 - Flying checks made on insulation
A Cambridgeshire council has resorted to flying over people's homes with thermal imaging equipment to alert them to the amount of energy being wasted.

Monday, 16 March 2009 - Efficiency plan to help fuel poor
People living in fuel poverty are to receive more help from the Welsh Assembly Government as part of plans to improved energy efficiency.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009 - Hot spot scheme seeks extension
A pilot project in Derbyshire to help people see how much heat their homes are losing could be rolled out across the country.

Thursday, 15 January 2009 - Van targets energy-wasting homes
Thousands of homes are to be surveyed with a heat-seeking camera to check how much energy they are wasting.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008 - Image shows energy-efficient city
A thermal image is to be taken of every home and business in Coventry to look for properties wasting energy.

Monday, 15 September 2008 - More homes to get insulation work
An extra 250,000 UK households will benefit from the government's cut-price insulation scheme this year, an industry body has said.

30th July 2008 - Record rise for British Gas bills
The UK's biggest domestic energy supplier raises gas prices by 35% and electricity prices by 9%, with immediate effect.

18th July 2008 - Gas bills 'to top £1,000 a year'
Energy bills could rise by more than 60% within the next few years, the UK's biggest domestic energy supplier warns.

30th May 2008 - Battling bills - what help is there?
A guide to the help available to those struggling to pay their fuel bills this winter.

7th April 2008 - E-Day: A good use of energy?
The recent Energy Saving Day did not affect the UK's electricity use as intended; does that mean such initiatives are a waste of time?

25th February 2008 - Zero carbon goal needs firm foundation
There is no "magic bullet" solution to meeting the ambitious target of making all new homes "zero-carbon".

15th January 2008 - EDF Energy set to increase prices
EDF puts up gas prices by 12.9% and electricity prices by 7.9%, blaming the soaring cost of wholesale energy.

3rd January 2008 - Npower to increase energy prices
Npower is to increase both its gas and electricity prices, the UK's fourth largest energy supplier confirms.

27th November 2007 - Homes 'can cut CO2 by up to 80%'
Carbon dioxide emissions from UK homes could be cut by up to 80% by 2050, a report by Oxford University suggests.

22nd November 2007 - Hips home packs get full roll-out
Home information packs (Hips) will be required for all homes from 14 December, the government says.

30th October 2007 - Plant expansion creates 110 jobs
A company which makes wool insulation announces the creation of 110 jobs over the next six months.

16th October 2007 - Hull tops energy-efficiency table
Householders in Hull have the most energy efficient homes in the UK, a report shows.

17th August 2007 - HIPs extended to three-bed homes
The government says it will extend its HIPs scheme to cover three-bedroom homes from 10 September 2007.

26th July 2007 - City airshow goes carbon neutral
Emissions from this year's Sunderland International Airshow will be offset by free home insulation, say organisers.

10th July 2007 - How to turn Gordon Brown green
As UK chancellor, Mr Brown was not the greenest of ministers, but will this change now he has moved into Number 10?

2nd July 2007 - Politicians face energy challenge
MSPs from five Scottish political parties take on a home energy challenge to reduce their own emissions.

11th June 2007 - 'Enough staff' for HIPs go-ahead
There are enough assessors for Home Information Packs to be introduced on 1 August, the government says.

22nd May 2007 - Q&A: Home information packs
The introduction of Home Information Packs (Hips) has been delayed what will they mean for homeowners?

22nd May 2007 - Home info packs delayed to August
The introduction of Home Information Packs is to be delayed until August, Ruth Kelly tells MPs.

14th May 2007 - Making your home a green house
Gordon Brown aims to build "eco-towns" with 100,000 environmentally homes, but what is a "green house"?

19th March 2007 - Fuel poverty 'claims 1.7m extra'
More than 1.7 million households have become "fuel poor" since 2003 due to rising bills, the Energy Efficiency Partnership for Homes says.

12th March 2007 - Homes must be greener, says Brown
Gordon Brown urges households to do more to cut greenhouse gases by making homes more efficient.

24th November 2006 - Raising awareness of fuel poverty
A new project will allow politicians to see the benefit of making homes warmer and better insulated.

24th October 2006 - Battling bills - what help is there?
A guide to the help available to those struggling to pay their fuel bills this winter.

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